VNU Journal of Science is the main and so far the only scientific journal of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

VNU Journal of Science was established in 1985 and reorganized according to Decision No 681/TCCB dated December 04th, 2001 by VNU President, under License No. 03/GP- BVHTT dated January 03rd, 2002 by Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture and Information. Its legal status was renewed recently under the publication permit No 223/GP-BTTTT issued July 22nd, 2014 by Ministry of Information and Communications.

VNU Journal of Science publishes four (04) times/year, in English, research works nationwide and worldwide in different fields: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, Economics and Business, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Technology, Legal Studies, Foreign Studies, Education Research, Computer Science and Communications Engineering for study and research activities.


Vietnam National University’s (VNU) Journal of Science is in the process of internationalization by providing a high-quality, international standard forum for its worldwide research publications. Quarterly, we produce publications (Vietnamese and English) specializing in the following fields: Economics-Business, Mathematics-Physics, Educational Research, Earth-Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences-Humanities, Legal Studies, Foreign Studies, Natural Sciences-Technology, and Computer Science- Communication Engineering, Policy – Management Study. Our Foreign Studies unit publishes in several other languages as well. In order to have the sustainable impact to ensure international standards, VNU will request a specialist with the appropriate skill and experience to edit our peer-reviewed articles prior to publication.